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NOTE (4/27/2020):  This week PSI has been very focused on the re-opening of its test sites on May 1, 2020. As stated last week, test sites will be opened where city, state and county jurisdictions will allow. The health of our candidates and employees continue to be our top priority.

To assist in answering your questions, PSI has created a frequently asked questions document which can be found at https://www.psionline.com/wp-content/uploads/psi-services-covid-19-faqs.pdf


NOTE (03/19/2020):  Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, PSI has decided to close all PSI owned and operated sites in the United States, from 20 March through 1 May, in order to protect their employees and in compliance with the variety of local/state regulations. PSI is working to contact candidates to reschedule them.

Candidates can reschedule up to and including the day of testing at no penalty. In most cases, this can be done online, without needing to call the PSI call center.

Please see the NESTA COVID-19 Position Statement HERE